How the Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. online process works

Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. provides professional, compassionate mental health support from the convenience of your home. Everything from scheduling, payment, assessment, to the actual sessions are conducted online.

Free 10-minute Consultation for Prospective Patients

During this initial conversation, we will briefly review your current state, prior medical history, and I will provide an overview of my services and fees. We will decide if I can offer the services that you need. If I do not think that my practice is the best fit for your needs, I am happy to provide a list of alternative resources in your area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. is a cash-pay only practice. Dr. Mercado does not accept or participate in any insurances for the services she provides on Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. This allows her to deliver the best and most appropriate care possible in her private practice without the direction, demands and limitations imposed by insurance companies. While Dr. Mercado may be listed as “in-network” on some insurance lists, she is only “in-network” at her hospital-affiliated and clinic-based job; her work at Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. is separate and purely “out-of-network”.


Adult Comprehensive Psychiatric and Wellness Evaluation

In this initial evaluation, we will explore all aspects of your health and well-being and discuss your health and treatment goals. We will go over every aspect of your health, including your psychiatric and medical history, medications, relationships, environment, diet, spirituality, and other lifestyle factors.

After meeting with you for your initial evaluation, we will create a highly individualized Wellness Plan, which will be shared with you online in our patient portal. Our Wellness Plans may cover different recommendations, including psychotherapy, diet or nutrition plans, exercise plans, meditation, and medication if needed.



Follow Up Session

Follow up sessions are used to follow up and track your response to treatment after your initial evaluation. During these sessions, we will evaluate your progress on lifestyle modifications recommended in your Wellness Plan, as well as your response to medication, if applicable.

The recommended duration of follow-up visits will vary from 15 minutes to 50 minutes depending on individual needs. The frequency of follow up sessions will also vary based on your specific needs, and can range from weekly to every 3 months.

$129 to $325


Administrative Fees

Appointment rescheduling/cancellation fee of 50% if less than 48 hours, and 100% if less than 24 hours.

We charge an additional fee for administrative work outside of your appointment time, which exceeds more than 5 minutes. This includes: phone calls (to you, providers or family and friends); responding to emails or direct messages; scanning or faxing; document preparation and medical record handling; completion of any paperwork/forms; and obtaining any prior authorizations for medications or treatment. Time is billed in quarter-hour increments.


Let’s talk soon!

Forget about phone calls to schedule an appointment and long queues to see your doctor. From booking your appointment to the actual session, everything happens online and from the comfort of your home at Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D.

Working in partnership with you, Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. ensures that you get the care you deserve in the most convenient way so that you can focus on the important job of getting better.