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Embark on your journey towards resilience, recovery and wellness.   At Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D., we are dedicated to providing unparalleled mental health care centered around you. Our approach combines expert physician guidance with evidence-based medication management and targeted lifestyle psychiatry interventions.

Guided by the principles of lifestyle medicine, our team collaborates closely with you to craft highly personalized lifestyle action plans tailored to your unique health and life aspirations.

Our compassionate and professional care emphasizes the intricate interplay between mental health and lifestyle factors like sleep, diet, and exercise. Whether through the thoughtful integration of medications or other psychotherapeutic interventions, Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. is committed to making precise adjustments to enhance your overall well-being. Trust us to empower you on your journey to optimal mental health and a fulfilling life.


Professional and Compassionate Mental Health Support for Adults

Receive expert and compassionate guidance from Dr. Rowena C. Mercado, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and board-certified Lifestyle Medicine physician. Dr. Mercado can help you deal with issues related to depression, anxiety and stress.

Stress and Stress Management

From irritability, an upset stomach, high blood pressure, headaches, difficulty concentrating to muscular tension, the manifestations of stress are as wide and varied as its root causes. Stress can be caused by certain situations and beliefs that are perceived to be negative. If left unchecked and unmanaged, it can lead to a palpable deterioration in one’s quality of life. However, with the right guidance and therapy, patients can be taught to manage stress thereby regaining quality of life over time.


Stress and anxiety share common symptoms, but are not necessarily the same thing. Anxiety can be caused by one’s family history, genetics, temperament, or a combination of these factors. At its worst, it can become unrelenting, impossible to control, and ultimately interfere with one’s ability to perform everyday tasks, developing into a disorder. Despite the severity of these symptoms, anxiety disorders are highly treatable and respond well to interventions.


Depression is typically characterized by feelings of sadness or disinterest that lasts over two weeks and affect one’s ability to function normally. Common therapies for dealing with depression are psychotherapy and medication. Among the mental disorders, it is the most treatable with as many as 80 to 90 percent of patients responding positively to treatment and the majority finding some relief from its symptoms.


Expert help is just a few clicks away

Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. provides professional, compassionate mental health support from the convenience of your home. Everything from scheduling, payment, assessment, to the actual sessions are performed online.

  • Flexible schedules even after office hours
  • Full outpatient psychiatric support delivered online
  • Evidence-based care from a board-certified psychiatrist and certified lifestyle medicine physician

Your road to wellness begins at home.

Because the quality of your treatment is just as important as the way you receive it, Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D. offers full outpatient psychiatric support from the safety and comfort of your home. Book, pay, and receive treatment entirely online.

At Lifestyle Psychiatry M.D., the road to a more resilient and healthy you is just a few clicks away.